Mistakes in previous article about installing PostgreSQL JDBC-driver in jBoss

I apologize for mistake in my previous article. I have forgotten to remove PostgreSQL JDBC-driver from dependencies list, so it has covered a mistake of defining of JDBC-driver as jBoss module.

Here are amendments to the previous article:

  1. Be sure that dependency

    is removed from pom.xml file of your simplecrud-service-spring project

  2. Place module.xml and JAR-files into $JBOSS_HOME/modules/org/postgresql/main directory instead of
  3. If you run jBoss in standalone mode, open $JBOSS_HOME/standalone/configuration/standalone.xml file and append manually new JDBC-driver reference in section “subsystem/datasources/drivers”:
    <driver name="PostgreSQL" module="org.postgresql">

    After jBoss restart it will appear in list of available JDBC-drivers. jBoss can’t detect some JDBC-drivers in it’s modules authomatically because of some supposed bug, which can’t recognizes JDBC-driver, if module contains more than one it’s implementation.

  4. Restart jBoss, open a console, and create new data source using “PostgreSQL” JDBC-driver, which appears in list of available drivers.

UPDATE. Related article:

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